Our approach

Our reputation and success is built on our personal approach, professionalism, ethics and delivering what we say we will.

We always start with a chat, ideally face to face, to really understand what you need. We discuss what would work best for you, and we’ll tell you if we’re not the right people for the job. We agree a start and end date and a price, and we give you a single point of contact to keep in touch and give you regular updates. We provide our findings to you in a format that we agree, and we also give you a verbal debrief of our work.

We aim to keep our solutions simple and effective. We don’t use over-complicated theoretical models or consultancy-speak, we just tell it like it is and give you some real, tangible actions you can put in place.

Our fees

We understand that cost is important. We agree a fair price with you up front in a way that works for your organisation, whether that’s a fixed job price, a day rate or any other arrangement that suits us both. Our business ethics mean we keep our costs reasonable and we commit never to add on hidden charges because that’s just not right.